Washing-Machine Cover

H 70

Washing machine cover module with detachable base and assisted soft closing system doors. 2 depths available.

colours & finishes

Over twenty colours can be selected in the standard “open-pore”.
Eban uses exclusively timber from certified and controlled forests; the choice of using water-based varnishes
assures the maximum reduction of COV (Volatile Organic Compounds).

endless compositions

Our collections are able to interpret different styles and tastes. They can be classic or contemporary,
linear or asymmetric, they allow floor or wall solutions…With our “unique pieces” you can create combinations that are to your liking and meet your housing needs..

We are at your service to find the solution most suited to you.



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Complementi D’arredo

Complementi D’arredo

Furnish Complements

Are so important for their ability to complete and enhance the furnishing solution, in terms of aesthetics,plus the quality of optimizing the space with extra functional comfort.

Wall-Mounted Units & Tall Units

Columns and half columns are a focal point in a bathroom and complement its furniture, not only because they make the room more attractive, but also because they enable you to create new usable space for greater practicality.

Display Cabinets

In your bathroom you might not want to place and hidden everything in cabinets or drawers.
Clever furniture solutions available in different styles and sizes, made to creatively put objects and accesssories on display.

Shelves, Wall Units, Modules, Benches & Stools

A bathroom should be a fully enjoyable room, where time spent among objects used for personal care and wellness becomes a rewarding daily experience. A series of “co-stars” that complete the setting, each with its particular aesthetic value and functionality.

Wood Mirrors

Never without it. Not just an object of pure vanity, the mirror reflects our everyday life
and it has the power to enhance all areas adding brightness and width.
Here is a rich selection of wood mirrors, matching all moods and wishes, from the minimal to the luxury one.