Stefania & Gloria

Stefania & Gloria

Stefania & Gloria


Washbasin support
bases with doors
featuring assisted
soft closing system
dim. 120/106 Cm 3 doors
dim. 90/70 Cm 2 doors


Washbasin support
bases with drawer/basket
featuring assisted
soft closing system
dim. 120-106-90-70 Cm

colours & finishes

Over twenty colours can be selected in the standard “open-pore”.
Eban uses exclusively timber from certified and controlled forests; the choice of using water-based varnishes
assures the maximum reduction of COV (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Top & Washbasins

In the Stefania & Gloria collections, alternatively to the built-in washbasins, we can discover the modular tops: Ebantech, or Natural Stone, Technical Stone, and Quartz with under-countertop ceramic washbasin.

Natural Stone Top

Natural stone differences in shades, tiny holes and grains more or less evident represent a typical feature of natural stone, showing the naturalness of the product.Cleaning tips

Technical stone

The technical stone comes as a compound of granules, natural stones, cements and polyester resins. Its features are similar to those of the natural stone and hence it requires the same constant and careful maintenance. Cleaning tips

Quartz Top

The quartz based top is a surface composed by 92 – 94% of pure natural quartz (one of the strongest materials nature offers) to which you add 5-7% of fine polyester resin polymer or natural high quality and 1% pigments.These elements are compacted for under-vacuum vibro-tamping ,in order to obtain a remarkably durable material.Cleaning tips

endless compositions

Our collections are able to interpret different styles and tastes. They can be classic or contemporary,linear or asymmetric… With our “unique pieces” you can create combinations that are to your liking and meet your housing needs..