Made in Italy 1970

Made in Italy 1970

Since 1970, a family and a business, made in italy. Eban is a big family and an ambassador for italian-made goods throughout the world.

The company

The tradition of craftsmanship
combines with the potential
for innovation, to create
unique products.

Eban searches for productive
and constructive solutions,
with superior quality in materials,
technology and design.


Sustainability is a responsibility,
even a mission.
This is why Eban chooses
to use exclusively water-based paints,
which are not harmful to workers,
end-users or the environment.


Eban also chooses renewable energy
and the necessary power is supplied
to it by its photovoltaic plant.
This highly-advanced technology
ensures maximum levels of safety,
control and eco-compatibility.

and quality.

From reserch to development
and from the design to the processing,
each phase in the creative and
production cycles is strictly
supervised and followed attentively.

For Eban, quality is the guiding principle and the aim it must achieve on a daily basis.
All the products come to life through people’s efforts and, since they are human,
even the inevitable small imperfections are little signs of humanity.