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Choose and love Wood

Raw Material

What makes our bathroom furniture unique is the particular nature of wood. It constantly regenerates itself due to the energy of sun, it is recyclable, it is synonymous with eco-sustainability, and it is a long-lasting material.


A wooden piece of furniture contributes to your wellbeing. Due to the absence of harmful components and to its antibacterial and antistatic properties, it helps create a healthy micro-climate in the bathroom.


Wood inspires creativity, it provides lightness, sturdiness and resistance at the same time. Designing and building with wood is one of the oldest trades in man’s history.

Natural Beauty

Wood interprets our wishes and provides the solution we are looking for: styles, shapes, colours, and precious details. And the bathroom will transform itself: no matter whether it is traditional or modern, classic or innovating, it will be beautiful any way.

Our values


You can’t miss the value of a piece of furniture created by a master craftsman, made by hand with love and according to tradition. Each creation is unique because it is the fruit of a long production process that combines fine hand-made work and advanced technical know-how.


Eban attends to its customers’ requirements and meets their tastes. Our aim is to fulfil any wish through versatility, flexibility, modularity and customization: you choose the furnishing you like, then we can customize it together, from material to any detail concerning functionality or style.

Solid wood

It is our favourite material, the core of our history. We do not alter its natural character, rather we put it at the service of the furnishing, aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom. Its grains, its knots, its pores look like spontaneous decorations, its strong fibre makes it a timeless protagonist.


Sturdiness and resistance to use: the made-in-Eban furniture is designed and made to last and to share your everyday routine. To us quality is synonymous with reliability: the reliability of our products and the reliability of the people who work with us.


Eban ensures best Quality as regards materials, work, and high performance over time. Since our establishment in 1970, our objective has always been the constant improvement of quality standards, research and trying out of new production and manufacturing solutions.


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